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Noted with Interest, September 2013

Sep 18, 2013

Almost Half The Country Canít Afford Basic Needs
by Alan Pyke. The line on the graph is disturbingly straight and steep. Have we passed the halfway mark in 2013? From thinkprogress.com, Sep 18, 2013. Accessed Sep 18, 2013.

Everything Wrong with America in One Simple Image
by Justin Rosario. An eye-opening graphic and a stunning video of Jeff Daniels ("Why America Is NOT the Greatest Country in the World, Anymore"). I would like to see some verification on the graphic. If it is true, it is truly appalling. From AddictingInfo.org, Sep 13, 2013. Accessed Sep 14, 2013.

Left With Nothing
By Michael Sallah, Debbie Cenziper, Steven Rich. They want it all—your money AND your life. And they'll get it. From The Washington Post, Sep 8, 2013. Accessed Sep 12, 2013.

Cornel West and the Fight to Save the Black Prophetic Tradition
by Chris Hedges. Okay, brothers and sisters, he's an eccentric. However, he is also the genuine article. Where else today can we hear the echoes of King? From Truthdig, Sep 9, 2013. Accessed Sep 12, 2013.

Poverty Has Same Effect On The Brain As Constantly Pulling All Nighters
By Bryce Covert. End Poverty Now! We can do it. From ThinkProgress, August 30, 2013. Accessed September 1, 2013.

The Expendables: How the Temps Who Power Corporate Giants Are Getting Crushed
by Michael Grabell. The "migrantizing" of the American work force. More and more of us are waiting at proverbial street corners, wondering if we'll go to work today. From Pro Publica, June 27, 2013. Accessed September 1, 2013.

9 out of 10 Americans Are Completely Wrong About This Mind-Blowing Fact
By "Politzane." Income inequality: Way worse than you think. Linked at Upworthy (Adam Mordecai), undated. Accessed Sep 1, 2013.

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Syria ... and You

Sep 03, 2013
We don't have a dog in this fight. We don't have a side to side with. The Arab world is in deep turmoil, caught between the forces of longstanding (and often US-maintained) dictatorships and antediluvian fundamentalism. Oil is about to go through the roof (according to Kiplinger forecasts), from the current $107 a barrel now to probably $120 to $140.

If there was ever a time to call upon America's instinct for isolationism, it's now. If there was ever a time to focus our extensive innovative and entrepreneurial talents on renewable sources of energy, it's now. If there was ever a time to stifle our rush to solve the world's problems through a unilateral application of force, for which no one has yet offered a convincing scenario for success, it's now.

The people are speaking and we don't want another mideast conflict. We may, and should, and must, shed many a tear for those poor dead children laid out in their shrouded rows. But everyone's fight cannot be our fight. We don't have the prestige, the power, or the right to intervene unilaterally.

Write your representative. Tell her or him that you oppose this war. Write your senators and tell them that you oppose this war.

They may very well take us to war yet again, anyway—historical precedent does not assuage our anxieties in this regard. But if you don't speak up to your congressman and to your senators, and they go to war next week, it will, to a small extent, be your fault.

So don't just go up on Facebook and grouse to your Friends. Our nation's future, to a small but so-important extent, is in your hands.
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