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The Next Wave

Jun 17, 2008
In theory, the world's electricity needs could be met with just a tiny fraction of the energy sloshing around in the oceans. (From "The coming wave")

Harnessing that power, however, is another matter. Solar and wind technologies, the other two darlings of the green movement, are much further advanced and are improving at a faster pace. Wave power, though in its infancy, nevertheless shows great potential and there are many very smart people working out the bugs.

In "The coming wave," the Economist has provided an excellent summary of the state of wave power in the world—past, present, and future. Read about Salter's Duck, the Pelamis device, and the Aquabuoy, among other projects. With the vast potential of inexhaustible power from oceans well distributed to deliver it to every corner of the world, it's only a matter of time before this infant technology comes of age.

One worrisome fact: All the players in the R&D wave power game are from countries other than the U.S. Surf's up, people. Let's get moving!
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