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Jul 20, 2008
Now here’s a great Web 2.0 site. You input a recyclable you don’t know what to do with—old paint cans, batteries, cell phones— and enter your zip code or city and state, and the site directs you to locations where you can recycle it. You can specify a range of 5 to 100 miles from where you are. The program displays address, phone, hours of operation, web site, and a map and directions to the recycling location(s).

If your library or other favorite local nonprofit collects cell phones or other recyclables as a fund raiser, tell them about this site. It’s easy to add their location. Click the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the Home Page, then the “Submit/Update a Recycling Location” link.

The site also has a raft of tips and information regarding recyclables. Good job, Earth911!
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Want Job Security? Go Green!

Jun 10, 2008
The Political Economy Research Insitute (PERI), located at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, has released a report that should give hope to the millions of us facing employment anxiety in the face of declining salaries and benefits, outsourcing, automation, deregulation, and the other forces that are painting a bleak employment outlook for the working man and woman.

The report, entitled Job Opportunities for the Green Economy, examines 12 states and the people employed in occupations affected by six green economic strategies: building retrofitting, mass transit, energy-efficient automobiles, wind power, solar power, and cellulosic biofuels. The report makes clear that millions of U.S. workers—across a wide range of occupations, states, and income and skill levels—will benefit from a movement to defeat global warming and transform the United States into a green economy.
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Read the Report (.pdf)

Green Houses

May 27, 2008
The CoStar Group (a US/UK commercial real estate information company) has found that “sustainable ‘green’ buildings outperform their non-green peer assets in key areas such as occupancy, sale price and rental rates, sometimes by wide margins.” Builders and investors—take note!
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