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What Matters?

Oct 16, 2008
A wise fellow once said, “Life is half over before we know what it is.” Unless we live to be 126, our life is probably something more than half over, and past time for a moment’s reflection. In our view, life’s essential question is, “What matters?” It is a question one can only answer for oneself.

So what matters for us? We would say:

  • Freedom to do as we please, and four healthy limbs and the education to enable us to do it.
  • Engaging and challenging work that we can drop for something else when it ceases to be one or the other.
  • Love: The incomparable miracle.
  • The capacity to enjoy a New England autumn, a good book, a good meal, a pretty melody, a pretty picture.
  • The understanding that the quality of our life is dependent on the quality of all other life on the planet, and the energy and the perseverance to inhabit that understanding with action.
  • The urge to delight, and the capacity to be delighted.

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